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Bar/Bat†Mitzvah in Israel
Leave it to Jennie offers a variety of Bar and Bat Mitzvah services and tours. We specialize in custom-tailored events and experiences, so you can be sure your event will be just right for you and your family.

Following are some of the itineraries and services we offer:
Ceremony Services
The Bar/Bat Mitzvah marks the Jewish childís transition into adulthood. Whether you are interested in marking this momentous event at the Kotel (Western Wall), at Masada, in a historic Synagogue, or anywhere else in Israel, we offer a wide-range of ceremony services, for all religious denominations. We offer full rabbinical services and can plan a special ceremony as part of a larger event, or as an intimate ceremony of its own.
Event Planning
Whether you are planning a large or small event, we will take care of every detail including finding the perfect venue, managing your guest list, planning the menu, arranging photography, videography, hair and makeup, DJ and music services, or anything else you may need Ė all to your taste and within your budget.
Custom Tours
What better way to celebrate a Bar or Bat Mitzvah than a family trip to the Holy Land? Whether you are interested in a tour of Israelís holy sites, an extreme outdoor adventure, a cultural voyage, a personalized heritage tour, or a custom-tailored Israel experience, we will plan every detail of your trip - from the moment you land, until the moment you leave - to guarantee the experience of a lifetime.

Services include:
Customized itineraries
Much, much moreÖ.!!

Customized Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours may be booked independently, or in addition to Event and/or Ceremony services.
Rabbi Paul Arberman
A Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel†
Experience a once-in-a-lifetime event that marks the transition from childhood to adulthood and binds a child to his or her history and people. †

At the Western Wall (Kotel), Masada, or a place of your choosing, there is no better place in the world to celebrate than in Israel. †

Itís Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Hebrew or English; Reform, Conservative, Orthodox or Reconstructionist.†Traditional and Creative.† Request the songs, Psalms or tunes that you love. †

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Certificates Receive a beautiful, Israeli govít issued, certificate to Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrants including personalized calligraphy.† Perfect for framing. †

Some Choose Masada...† Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies atop Masada are held in the remains of one of the world`s oldest synagogue still in use.†Masada provides an amazing and memorable experience. †

Some Choose Robinsonís Arch... The Robinsonís Arch section of the Wall/Kotel has been specially designated by the Israeli Government for egalitarian (men and women sit together -- women may read from the Torah) ceremonies.† Your private Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies may be held here -- just under the original stone steps that led to the Second Temple. Plan just the service, or add a tour of Western wall tunnels, the on-site archeological museum, and the area.† †† †

Iím a Conservative rabbi, graduate of JTS and Machon Schechter, living in Israel for 14 years. I currently serve as the rabbi of Hatch End Masorti Community in London (I commute there for one weekend a month) and teach guitar in Israel. Iíll work with you to make your important celebration a great experience for your whole family. † †

Rabbi Paul Arberman

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